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Indoor Smokehouses and Pig Roasters

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Indoor Smokehouses and Outdoor Meat Smokers add that woodsmoke flavor to your roasting meats. Many venues have caught on to the food trend of offering an outdoor pig roast, so a reliable, high quality pig roaster is necessary for the perfect succulent roast. Find your Smokers, smokehouses and pig roasters in our large selection.

Smokehouses and Pig Roasters - Seal in the Flavor

A commercial smokehouse unit heats up wet wood chips and the resulting cooking environment both infuses smoky flavor and cooks meats simultaneously. A smokehouse unit is safe for indoor use, so you can roast pig or any other meats in any location and at any time. These smokers come in several types, including models with shelves, hooks and/or skewers for hanging the meats. The smokehouses range in size from small, countertop set ups and undercounter "oven" style models to large chambered cabinet models capable of roasting several cubic feet of meat. Ideal for barbecue and outdoor grill restaurants.