Indoor Smokehouses

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An indoor smokehouse is a type of barbecue designed to smoke meat indoors, like fish, meat, and even cheeses. It often has a chimney or exhaust to remove the smoke from the structure. These structures are often made from bricks, stone, or cement blocks and have wooden beams for support. They may have electricity for lighting or fans for airflow. They may have shelves for storing supplies and equipment. These appliances also come with various features, such as a thermostat, so you can control the internal temperature of the smokehouse to fit your needs. Indoor models also come in various sizes, from large models that will hold a whole lamb in one piece to smaller models that will only hold a few sausages at a time. Many of these devices have a built-in storage unit that can be used to keep the finished product fresh. Many models can be used to smoke a variety of foods at once.