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Iced Tea Spoons

While a tall glass of sweet iced tea may be a refreshing part of a hot summer day, a standard teaspoon would just not be suitable for stirring one. Since the glass is just as deep as most standard teaspoons are long, it would make for possible wet fingertips.

Thus was born the iced tea spoon, a creative and fun solution. A long utensil ranging from at least 7 inches to 10 inches in length, the iced tea spoon has a relatively small bowl, similar in size to a standard teaspoon, but a much longer handle. Restaurant Supply carries many iced tea spoon patterns from a number of manufacturers. The iced tea spoons are available in different grades of stainless steel, so investigate the different items before investing in a collection. An 18/10 stainless steel iced tea spoon is the best quality of stainless steel, and so will be slightly more expensive than an iced tea spoon made from other grades of stainless steel.

Originally used for stirring iced teas, they were also used in the heyday of soda fountains. With the resurgence of handcrafted sodas and phosphates, many foodservice operations rely on iced tea spoons. They are even popularly used for eating ice cream sundaes served in tall, deep sundae glasses. An iced tea spoon is a part of informal dining, not often included in standard place settings. However, with a variety of patterns and styles to choose from, you may wish to supplement your foodservice establishment's table settings with a decent quantity of iced tea spoons. An iced tea spoon says to your customers that this beverage or dessert is fun.

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