Hoshizaki is the world's largest manufacturer of commercial ice machines, including cuber heads, flakers, ice dispensers, storage bins, sushi display cases and undercounter ice maker models. Hoshizaki has manufacturing facilities across the world but their headquarters is in Peachtree City, Georgia. In fact, over 90% of Hoshizaki ice machine equipment distributed in the USA is produced at their two Georgia manufacturing plants, making them a major USA manufacturer.

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Hoshizaki Undercounter Ice Makers

Hoshizaki's undercounter ice makers are manufactured with commercial quality, but easily integrate into private residences. Hoshizaki is one of the few manufacturers of undercounter ice machine models whose units can be outfitted with custom cabinetry, allowing the ice maker to be seamlessly installed with existing cabinetry and appliances. The stainless steel exterior models are elegant enough to stand alone, but can also be installed with a built-in configuration. Consider Hoshizaki undercounter ice machines for your bar, residential kitchen, office suite, hotel rooms, or private luxury boxes.

Hoshizaki Stackable Ice Machines

Hoshizaki Stackable Crescent Cube Ice Machines are designed to supply you with a huge daily ice production while taking up minimal space. Typically mounted on top of a ice storage bin, the stackable crescent cuber models can be stacked 2 on 1 bin, for double the production rate in the same footprint. Consider Hoshizaki ice machines when you need a lot of ice every day.

Hoshizaki Sushi Display Cases

Available in 4 different lengths ranging from 48 to 83 inches, the Hoshizaki Refrigerated Sushi Display Case allows you to safely store and present your fresh sushi creations. Expertly constructed with angled glass fronts for ideal viewing, Hoshizaki Sushi Display case models are available with the condenser mounted on either the left or the right side.

Hoshizaki Drain Pumps

Hoshizaki Drain Pumps are designed for installation locations that do not have built in floor drains. Drain pumps can be hooked up to a Hoshizaki Ice Maker and run several feet to either a wall or sink drain. Now you can increase your Hoshizaki ice machine installation options.