Hollowick Lights It Up!

Lamps and candles help create an atmosphere that perfectly fits your restaurant's personality and style. Hollowick is one of the industry leaders when it comes to tabletop lighting variety and creativity. From fuel-cell powered lamps and candles, Hollowick has a lot to choose from. Let Hollowick help you establish the dining experience for your guests. Authentic candle light creates an impression, an ambience and a mood. The warm glow and flickering flame calls for your dining room guests to linger a while longer, possible for coffee, another drink or dessert.

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Hollowick Candle Holders
Hollowick Candle Holders are available in a huge variety of styles. Create the proper ambience for your customer experience. Match your candle holders to your decor and your brand.
Hollowick Candles
Wax candles come in a variety of types and colors. From tealights and votives to tapered and pillar candles, you will find Hollowick has the candles you need to create the perfect ambience.

Reveal Your Style with Hollowick

Classy Hollowick lamps with interchangeable bases, globes or shades let you create exactly the tabletop style you desire, from art nouveau to modern styling in a variety of glass types and colors. Consider creating that casual, romantic or formal mood lit by Hollowick candles, from tealights and votives to pillars and tapers. Provide efficient safe and stylish lighting with liquid paraffin wax lamps and shades. No matter what you need, with Hollowick, you will see the light and find the right lighting products for your commercial dining room.