Heavy Duty Microwave Ovens

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Heavy-duty microwaves are designed for commercial and heavy-duty cooking, hence the name. These are large and powerful microwaves, usually industrial grade. These are variations of the standard microwave, which are larger and can simultaneously accommodate a larger quantity of food. The main difference between a regular and heavy-duty microwave is the power. Heavy-duty microwaves have the highest wattage (usually between 1000-2000 watts) and are used for industrial and commercial purposes. These heavy-duty microwave ovens are made from stronger and more durable materials than regular microwave ovens. The exteriors are often made from stainless steel, a solid and durable metal. The interiors are often made from carbon steel or aluminum, which are also solid and durable materials. Most heavy-duty microwave ovens are made from materials that are very resistant to corrosion, which is an essential feature of a microwave oven. They are usually more than 24 inches wide and can accommodate up to 40 pounds of food or equipment. They usually come with a turntable for better circulation of heat, an interior light for better visibility of food and equipment, and an exhaust fan to remove odors from the microwave.