Glass Door Reach-In Freezers

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A glass door reach-in freezer is a type of commercial refrigerator with a transparent or glass door that allows visibility into its interior. There are two main glass door reach-in freezers — floor standing and countertop. Floor standing models can hold up to 300 lbs. of food, while countertop models can hold up to 100 lbs. of food. Glass door reach-in freezers are made from tempered glass, a solid type of glass that can withstand a lot of different types of stress. These freezers are also made with various materials, including steel, aluminum and even plastic. Plastic may seem unusual, but it is surprisingly strong and lightweight. These types of freezers are very efficient compared to other types of freezers, which helps reduce utility bills. The transparent or glass doors help keep the temperature of the environment inside the freezer even, preventing food items from spoiling quickly. These types of freezers are very durable and sturdy, and this means that they will last many years without breaking down.