Frost Tops and Cold Slabs

Frost Tops are either drop in units or full cold counters or serving stations with the frost top integrated into a cabinet (which is typically mobile thanks to casters). With a frost top you gain several benefits. Most drop in frost top units are designed to be inserted into an existing steam table or serving counter and are available in several sizes. These units can hold multiple food pans, which sit directly upon the cold top and keep food items extremely cold. Full Frost Top stations provide you single, large chilled surface to use as a serving location for plates, bowls, and trays of food product that require freezing temperatures for preservation. These units are ideal for displaying bowls of pudding, slices of pie or cake, and other cold and frozen desserts so guests can grab them as they go through your buffet line or salad bar. The refrigeration system is typically integrated and mounted on the bottom of the frost top. The bases of the frost top serving stations can be open, enclosed, or include integrated cabinets for more storage. Some models can utilize breath guards and lighting. Most frost top units come with NPT Drains that remove condensation.

Cold Slabs are designed to provide a chilled surface for your employees to prep ice cream with mix-ins. Put on a performance and mix your frozen treats with sweet snacks using ice cream spades. Most Cold Slab units are drop-in models and create a continual cold surface.

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Frost tops and cold slabs have become a popular choice for many restaurants looking to add a unique touch to their dining experience. These surfaces are designed to keep food and drinks cold, making them perfect for creating chilled desserts or serving fresh sashimi. Frost tops are often used by ice cream parlors and dessert shops, while cold slabs can be found in sushi restaurants and seafood establishments. These surfaces not only provide a practical solution to keeping items cold but also add an element of excitement to the dining experience. Customers enjoy watching as their food is prepared on the frost top or cold slab, making it an interactive and memorable event. Overall, the use of frost tops and cold slabs is a clever way for restaurants to differentiate themselves from competitors while providing a unique dining experience for their customers.