Equipex Convection Ovens

Convection Ovens 101

Q. Why is convection cooking better than cooking with a regular oven?

A. The fan is moving the heated air around the cavity of the unit for even baking. In addition, most food will cook in less time. The bottom line: more food can be cooked in less time.

Q. What is the highest temperature a convection oven unit can go up to?

A. On the Equipex compact countertop ovens, the temperature goes up to 480°F and on the Half and Full Size oven models, temperature can go up to 570°F.

Q. Do Equipex convection ovens need to be under a hood?

A. Generally no, but Equipex recommends checking with local inspectors.

Q. When can I use 120 volt ovens instead of 208/240 volt models?

A. When 208/240 voltage is not available, then 120 volt models are a practical option. 120 volt connections are not recommended if the majority of the food products will be frozen before cooking, because this will increase oven recovery time. Generally, 120 volt convection ovens take a bit longer to preheat than a 208/240 volt model. In most cases with room temperature or refrigerated food items, cooking times will be similar, so a 120 volt convection oven will work fine.

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