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Electric Steam Tables

Electric Steam Tables - Ideal For Your Buffet Service Line

If you need to keep certain food items hot for long periods of time, and keep them properly preserved and safe for consumption, consider an electric steam table. Each steam table has a large bottom well where water is heated to the point of creating steam. Then food pans are placed on top of the water well to that the hot steam heats up the food pans and maintains hot temperatures until it is served. The steam process is powered by electricity and can preserve the food temperature for extended periods. Most electric steam tables have wheels, making these steam tables ideal for banquet facilities, cafeterias, and even catering situations.

Electric steam tables can have either an open well or a sealed well. An open well allows you to put water pans in the well which heat up and create the steam. OR you can use no water and have the well directly heat the food pans with dry hot air. The sealed well steam tables eliminate using water pans and allow you to put the water directly into the well, placing the food pans directly over that water which becomes steam. There are even steam tables that are stationary for permanent banquet style facilities. Choose the electric steam table model that is best for your setup.