Electric Glass Washers

An electric glass washer is a compact, submersible unit typically with motorized brush heads for washing glasses. The motor is usually sealed and self-enclosed and can be partially submerged in a standard underbar sink. The glass washer vibrates the brush heads and thoroughly cleans the glasses for re-use.

Electric glass washers come in a variety of sizes and number of brushes, depending upon the manufacturer. All are durable, incorporating heavy-duty motors that can withstand long periods of continual running. Most models of glass washer are constructed from stainless steel so they won't rust. In addition, even with continual running, these glass washer motors often operate very quietly and won't disturb your customers.

Keep up with the meal rush or busy bar demands and always have clean glassware available. Ideal for beer mugs and glasses as well as wine and cocktail glasses, you can always have several glasses being sanitized and prepared for the next customer's beverage.

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Electric Glass Washers are a specific category of commercial kitchen appliances designed to clean and sanitize glasses. They operate using electricity and involve mechanisms like spinning brushes, jet sprays, or a combination of both to remove grime and residues from glassware. Their value lies in the speed and efficiency with which they handle large volumes of glasses, making them an ideal choice for bars, restaurants, and catering services where thorough cleaning is essential for hygiene standards. Electric Glass Washers not only ensure your drinkware looks its best, but also contribute significantly to reducing the spread of diseases.