Electric Combination Ovens

An electric combi oven is a single piece of cooking equipment with 3 options for cooking in one compartment. A combi oven allows you to cook using circulating heated dry air (convection) or high temperature pressureless steam. OR you can use both convection and steam cooking at the same time for a more complete and consistent final result. Using both methods simultaneously will help cook everything thoroughly while keeping food moist.

Ideal for a bakery, coffee shop, sandwich shop or full sit down restaurant, an electric combi oven is an efficient unit that will perform multiple tasks while taking up very little space. In addition, since you do not need multiple pieces of equipment, you free up space for work and storage.

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Electric Combo Ovens are versatile cooking appliances that combine the functions of a convection oven and a steam cooker. They are known for their adaptability and efficiency, accommodating a wide range of cooking methods from roasting to steam baking. The value of this category lies in its ability to deliver consistent cooking results while saving on kitchen space and energy costs. With an Electric Combo Oven, chefs and home cooks can cater to diverse culinary needs, enhancing the cooking process and elevating the dining experience.