Eagle Cold Food Tables

Eagle Cold Food Tables allow you to set out a salad bar, a sandwich fixings bar, or even prepackaged "to-go" plates or sandwiches, so your customers can self-serve. Eagle's Cold Food tables come in several types. All Cold food tables are designed to keep full-size food pans cool with a drop-in well.

Eagle's Standard Cold Food Tables are constructed from stainless steel, with sturdy legs for freestanding placement of your cold food table. Their Portable Cold Food Tables are also available in similar sizes to the standard tables, but with the added benefit of sturdy 4" diameter casters for mobility.

Tabletop buffet models come with clear sneeze guards mounted on posts for food protection. Portable buffet cold tables also have the sneeze guards, but are designed with 4" casters for placement exactly where you need it.

Eagle's Spec-Master line of high-end cold food table models come with a stainless steel cabinet base, some with an open shelf, other models with sliding doors. Their Director's Choice line of top-end Cold Food Units have a refrigerated cold pan for keeping your food pans preserved for much longer periods of time.

With Eagle Group, you have many choices, so you can find the equipment that exactly fits your application.

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