Dry Aging and Thawing Refrigerators

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Dry aging refrigerators are large walk-in coolers that store large cuts of meat for an extended period. Dry aging is the process of hanging meat in a cool, dry place for some time. The result is a more flavourful, tender cut of meat. Dry aging is a process of storing meat on racks uncovered in the fridge for several days. The humidity level of the fridge must be maintained below 40% for dry aging to happen. Dry aging refrigerators are often made from stainless steel, a robust material that is easy to clean and will not rust. The inside of the unit will be lined with silicon or plastic, which does not react with food products and is easy to clean. The door of the dry aging refrigerator is often made of glass, letting in enough light to stimulate the production of beneficial compounds in the meat. Many dry aging refrigerators have a motorized door that can be programmed to open and close at certain times so that the unit can be opened to allow fresh air to circulate and then closed again when the desired level of humidity has been reached.