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Disposables are often paper or plastic items used to serve food or drink to customers and include paper products like napkins, plastic cutlery, and plastic clamshell takeout containers. These products can be thrown away after being used, eliminating the need for cleaning and maintenance. They are also often cheaper than their non-disposable counterparts. Most commercial disposables are made of packaged and sealed materials, such as plastic or paper. Some products, such as tablecloths, are often made of fabric but can be treated to make them easier to clean. The products in this category are also great for reducing the risk of cross-contamination, which is especially important for food businesses that serve people with allergies or other dietary restrictions. Disposables are usually made from either paper or plastic. Paper is usually more affordable and can be found in most restaurants. Plastic is usually a little more expensive, but it lasts a lot longer and is a better option if you have a high volume. Commercial disposables are a great option for many commercial kitchens, thanks to their simplicity, convenience, and affordability.