Direct Draw Beer Dispensers

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Direct draw beer dispensers are installed directly behind the bar top, enabling bartenders to pour directly from the tap without needing tubes or hoses used in bars and restaurants to serve draft beer. Direct draw beer dispensers are made from stainless steel or food-grade plastic. They have a faucet on the front to pour beer into a glass or mug. The faucet can be either manual or electric, depending on the model. Direct draw beer dispensers usually come with a CO2 tank and regulator. The main advantage of using a stainless steel beer dispenser is that it's corrosion-resistant. The unit will last for years without losing its strength or aesthetic appeal. There are a variety of different features that can be found in different beer dispensers. The most common features include carbonation control, draft control, energy efficiency, and more. Direct Draw Beer Dispensers have several features, including CO2 supplies, draught systems, and keg connection.