Dexter Russell Slicing Knives

Slicers and Carvers

The most important carving knife is the roast beef slicer, most often used to carve rounds, boneless roasts, boiled briskets, pot roasts, butt roasts, and standing rib roasts. The narrow cold meat slicer or ham slicer is used to slice ham or leftover cold roasts of all kinds. The wide, stiff blade does a better job on hot meats, whereas the narrow, more flexible blade cuts cold meat more efficiently. Although there are many patterns to select from, a slicer or carver should have adequate length to permit smooth slicing action.

Dexter-Russell Slicing Knives are high-carbon steel bladed knives that are hand sharpened for top performance. Whether the knife has a scalloped edge or straight edge, a pointed tip or round tip, these slicing knives from Dexter-Russell are designed for carving roasted meats and poultry to the thickness or thinness your customer desires.

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