Dexter Russell Cleavers

Butcher, Cimeter Steak Knife and Cleaver

For the odd jobs in the kitchen, the butcher and cimeter steak knives can be used for dicing salt pork, cubing cooled meats, cutting steaks or trimming raw meat. Many cooks substitute the favorite forged cook’s knife for jobs normally done with these knives. The cleaver is used for opening lobsters, cutting poultry and joints.

Cleavers are the most well-known piece of cutlery. Used to chop and prep large pieces of raw meat, often with the bone in, Dexter-Russell cleavers cut cleanly, even through bone. These cleavers have heavy-duty rectangular blades with incredibly sharp edges. Available in blade sizes ranging from 6 inches to 9 inches, all Dexter-Russell cleavers are made with high-carbon steel blades. Different handle styles and materials are available.

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