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Dessert Spoons

The average desert spoon is approximately 7 to 7-1/4 inches long, although some handles reach up to 9 inches in length. The bowl size of the dessert spoon is larger than a teaspoon but smaller than a tablespoon, holding approximately 2 teaspoons of liquid or food. The dessert spoon bowl is oval in shape, allowing your customers to easily take a bite of that gourmet gelato, pie a la mode, or bread pudding your kitchen has created for them. Dessert spoons are also sometimes used for eating cereal, and less frequently, for eating some soups.

Restaurant Supply has a huge selection of dessert spoon patterns from top brands. If your dining establishment offers desserts or if your catering operation includes dessert options, you will want to have plenty of dessert spoons on hand. You will find many designs available, from the basic casual designs to the ornate classic and formal collections, and everything in between. Many place setting collections do not included dessert spoons, so you may need to find a pattern that closely matches your existing sets. Desserts spoons also come in each of the 3 grades of stainless steel (18/10, 18/8, and 18/0) depending upon the collection and manufacturer. You may order your dessert spoons by the case.

Watch your guests' eyes light up when you bring the dessert course to the table - and be certain that you never have to hear, "Where's the spoon?".

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