Countertop Pizza Warmers and Merchandisers

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Countertop pizza warmers and merchandisers are small appliances that keep pizza warm when it comes out of the oven. These appliances can be either electric or gas powered and are usually UL certified for safety. They come in stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, and other materials. They can be single or multi-tier and come with electric or gas elements. Some come with a warming tray or other space to store pizza boxes. Some are designed to be mounted to a wall. There are also merchandisers with refrigerated units to hold drinks. The materials they're made from determining their durability. These merchandisers have an LED display that can be programmed to display various messages to your customers. These units have a door alarm that will sound unexpectedly when the door is opened. Some of these warmers and merchandisers also have a door or a window that allows guests to see the pizzas inside and choose their desired slice. Some models even have a light inside that makes the pizzas easier to see.