Countertop Freezers

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Countertop freezers are small, portable units designed to fit on or under kitchen counters and are often used to hold and store packaged and frozen foods, such as meats, fruits, and vegetables. Most countertop freezers are between 6 and 12 cubic feet, enough to store food for one to two people. They are available in either stainless steel or plastic construction, and most are modular for easy storage and rearrangement. Some models have glass doors to allow for easy viewing of food or even have lights inside to keep food fresh and easily viewable. Most units have adjustable thermostats to keep food at the desired temperature, and some have additional functions like frozen storage or refrigeration. They come with an adjustable thermostat that enables you to control the internal temperature and keep your frozen foods frozen. Some models have a door alarm that alerts when the door is open too long, which is a helpful safety feature. Most have a lift-out basket that makes it easy to access frozen foods. There is also an interior light to help see what’s stored in the appliance and an exterior thermometer that enables owners to monitor the internal temperature.