Cordial and Sherry Glasses

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Cordial and sherry glasses are essential for restaurants that strive to provide their customers with a complete and sophisticated dining experience. These glasses are specifically designed to serve both cordials and sherry, two types of alcoholic beverages that have distinct characteristics and require specific glasses to fully enhance their flavors. When it comes to cordial glasses, these are typically small and delicate, with a narrow mouth and a slender stem. The narrow mouth of the glass allows the aroma of the cordial to be concentrated, while the slender stem ensures that the heat from the hand does not affect the temperature of the drink. Cordial glasses are perfect for serving after-dinner drinks such as brandy, liqueur, and fortified wines. On the other hand, sherry glasses have a unique shape that is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. This design allows the drinker to appreciate the delicate aromas of the sherry while also enabling the wine to breathe. Sherry glasses come in two distinct styles: copita and catavinos. Copitas are small and stemless while catavinos have a stem and a slightly wider bowl. In conclusion, cordial and sherry glasses are not just ordinary glasses but rather an integral part of a restaurant's glassware collection. These specialized glasses are designed to bring out the best in cordials and sherry by concentrating their aroma and flavor, making them a must-have for any fine dining establishment.