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Salt and Pepper: Grind, Mill, and Shake

Two of the most basic seasoning and flavor enhancers common to many cuisines are salt and black pepper. Quality grinders and mills are essential for fresh flavor, especially in high-end establishments where fine wood, sophisticated glass, or polished steel tabletop decor is expected. Salt and Pepper grinders and mills are also expected to work properly at the dining room table, so high-quality components keep the grinders and mills working.

Salt and pepper shakers are also a mainstay and are often expected at the table or condiment station. We carry a huge variety of shakers, from the economical to the elegant. They can be found in paired sets for salt and pepper or purchased in cases of single models. To match your style, decor, or theme, shakers are available in materials such as wood, stainless steel, glass, acrylic, china, porcelain with tops to fit each type.