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Commercial breakfast equipment refers to machines, appliances, and other devices used to manufacture, process, pack, or prepare breakfast foods. From toaster ovens to conveyor toasters, these commercial breakfast appliances offer a variety of functions. Several types of toasters include conveyors, rotary, and lift-toasters. Conveyor toasters have a long, continuous conveyor belt that delivers bread from a bulk supplier to the toaster. Rotary toasters are similar to conveyor toasters, except that the bread is lifted from a bulk supplier and placed onto the toaster. Lift-toasters have a lift that moves bread from a bulk supplier into the toaster. There are also several types of toaster surfaces, including smooth, perforated, and crumb-cooling. Commercial toasters are designed for use in restaurants, hotels and other food service establishments. They are typically made of stainless steel or another durable, long-lasting material and have various features that make them convenient for commercial use. They have a very high capacity to accommodate large numbers of customers at any time. They have extra-wide slots to accommodate thicker slices of bread and other foods.