Commercial Cold and Chilled Water Dispensers

A commercial chilled water dispenser offers a variety of water options that can be installed anywhere there are incoming and outgoing water lines. Water is chilled with a refrigeration system within the dispenser unit, or heated by an integrated water heater, or carbonated with CO2 cartridge system inside the unit. With models available in different configurations of these features, a commercial water dispenser offers guests water at temperatures and of the type that suits their desire.

The basic countertop water dispenser models provide a choice between chilled water (refrigerated between 42 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit) and chilled sparkling (carbonated) water. Some models offer chilled water, sparkling/carbonated water, and the addition of an ambient temperature water dispensing option. Other models dispense chilled water, sparkling water, and hot water up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, thanks to the integrated electric water heater.

Many of these water dispensers utilize an ultraviolet light source to prohibit bacterial growth on water nozzles. This makes a commercial chilled water dispenser more sanitary and safe for guests and employees who use them each day. These units can therefore operate as a self-service, central bottle filling station for employees or guests, with enough clearance space below the nozzles to insert an empty water bottle. Functioning as a drinking fountain where anyone can easily access water of their preference, these water dispenser units can be installed in strategic locations in a banquet facility, a hotel, or sports venue. The two most important factors to selecting one of these commercial water dispensers is the incoming water line and electrical outlets, so the installation location must have these available.

In addition, commercial water chillers are even available as undercounter systems. An undercounter system will include a water chiller and water carbonator with both refrigerated water and sparkling water being dispensed from remote water taps installed in a countertop.

These commercial water chiller systems come in so many configurations, so there is a dispenser model that meets the chilled water needs of any business.

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A Chilled Water Dispenser is a specialized device that cools and dispenses water. It's mostly used in homes, offices, and businesses, providing a constant supply of cold water. These dispensers vary in size, features, and water capacity, with some advanced models being able to dispense hot water as well. The main value of a Chilled Water Dispenser is its convenience, ensuring a refreshing gulp of cold water at any time without needing to refrigerate water bottles, hence saving energy and space. It also promotes hydration, which is crucial for good health and productivity.