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Commercial Chest Freezers

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Commercial chest freezers are large industrial-sized freezers that store large quantities of perishable foods. The main purpose of these freezers is to keep the temperature inside them as low as -10°C. Depending on their size, they can hold anywhere between 10 to 1000 cubic feet of food. As with standard chest freezers, commercial models let you adjust the temperature as needed to accommodate a variety of contents. Most models have an adjustable thermostat, so the desired temperature can be set, and the unit can be left plugged in. You can also purchase an external thermostat to monitor the temperature and turn the unit on and off as needed. The most common materials used to construct commercial chest freezers are stainless steel, insulated plastics, and aluminum. These materials do not react with the food, are easy to clean, and do not corrode or collect rust. Some commercial chest freezers are made with a special coating that makes the surface extremely easy to clean, especially those used in restaurants or other establishments where sanitation is of utmost importance. A good coating will also protect the surface of the chest freezer from scratches and dents.