Chest Freezers

If you have a need to store frozen items in bulk, one option is a commercial chest freezer. Available in a variety of cubic foot capacities. Ideal for keeping ice cream tubs, sections of meat, bags of ice, or even large quantities of frozen vegetables stored at the proper temperature. A hinged lid on top for access to contents. Some models include locks or internal dividers for easy organizing.

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Chest Freezers are a type of deep freezer with a large, box-like design and a lift-up lid. They are primarily utilized for storing larger, bulkier items over extended periods of time. The value of Chest Freezers comes from their larger storage capacity compared to upright freezers, making them ideal for businesses like restaurants, cafeterias, and groceries. A robust Chest Freezer can increase the efficiency of a commercial kitchen or retail operation by allowing for bulk purchasing. It also aids in reducing food waste by extending the lifespan of perishable goods.