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Since 1915, Varimixer has been focused on producing high-quality mixers for food service professionals. For over 100 years Varimixer has utilized innovative Danish design, product development, and craftsmanship that considers the needs and work routines of the end-users. The company incorporates cutting edge ergonomics, hygiene and easy operation features into every model.

Varimixer specializes in planetary mixers, a functional concept which ensures that the entire contents of the mixing bowl are properly processed and that all points along the inner sides of the bowl are reached by the rotating mixing tool. This thorough mixing provides the consistent results required in a commercial kitchen or bakery.

Varimixer production facilities are built around experienced craftsmen who fabricate each component and assemble each mixer by hand. Every model they create combines many years of experience, personal commitment, professional pride and responsibility for the final piece of mixing equipment. Varimixer promises that every mixer that comes from their factory will be powerful, reliable, and strong as a bear.