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Booster Heaters

A booster heater is a great addition to your commercial dishwasher, since it helps provide cleaner, more sanitary dishes. Essentially, a booster heater "boosts" the temperature of water from its normal incoming levels to scalding levels of 180 degrees Fahrenheit and higher. A booster heater will raise the water temperature to NSF approved levels and clean dishes more efficiently. At such high temperatures, the need for extra cleaning chemicals and sanitizers is decreased. As long as the water temperatures reach at least 180 degree, most district laws and regulations state that soaps and chemicals are not required. This removes any possibility of chemical contamination or soapy taste on plates and dishes.

In addition, dishes are still extremely hot upon removal from the dishwasher, meaning they dry more quickly than dishes pulled from dishwashers with standard wash and rinse temperatures. Booster heaters can also be installed in the dishwashing area, sometimes directly beneath a standard dish table or pre-wash sink. Consider adding a booster heater to your dishwashing system and reap the benefits of the heat.

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