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Why Your Menu Design Matters

Anyone that’s been out to eat can testify that a crowded menu discourages ordering, but a menu that’s too small makes customers feel like their choices are limited. The answer is somewhere in the middle, and the design definitely matters. Check out our tips below to improve your menu and your sales!

  1. Utilize the Golden Triangle

                  People generally read a menu in the same way. Starting in the middle, and moving up to the right corner, before settling on the upper left hand corner. This layout has been dubbed the “golden triangle,” and you should focus on putting the items that you’re most interested in selling in this area.

2. Invest in Digital Design

      Basically, don’t try to create your own menu unless you’re a professional graphic designer. The investment will pay for itself, and you’ll have a beautiful menu for months to come. In the age of Instagram, photo-worthy menus are a must have.

3. Use a Decoy

    Put your most expensive dishes at the forefront, instead of trying to hide the pricetag. This will make everything else seem cheap in comparison.

4. Lose the Pricetag

    If your restaurant is on the higher-end, eliminate the dollar sign completely. Not only does this look better, but it takes away the harshness of paying. Think about the last time you went to a restaurant that used this system, and recall if you felt a little calmer about ordering. Chances are, you did.

   There you have it! Use these little tricks to help improve the quality of your menu, and improve the success of your restaurant. Don’t forget to make sure you’re keeping your customers updated on menu changes, specials, and 86’ed items via social media.

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