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What Makes a Good Deli?

We recently discovered great recipes for carbonara that requires us to head over to the deli for prosciutto – something which is easily cut thick by Nemco slicers. A well-stocked deli can spark imagination just like a well-stocked office supply store. What makes the perfect deli?

Variety is definitely the spice of life. You can go one of two ways with your deli – you can do one thing really really well, or you can have many things which all fit within the theme.

We’ve always been fond of providing a lot of products, because we understand that not everyone will like a one hit wonder. What usually happens is that the deli will do many things, but specialize in something along the way.

Clean equipment
Cleaning off the Nemco slicers is absolutely mandatory. Not only is that something which can get you in trouble with the health department, but it’s something which makes for better customer service. There are restaurants and delis out there who don’t take this as seriously as they should.

Auxiliary Items
One of the better delis around our area also has this amazing collection of hot sauces available to its customers. There are more exotic ones on the market and through this deli they become accessible. Some delis also do this with pickles.

What are some of the factors that play into the best delis for you? There are so many ideas and places out there – what would make the perfect deli for you?

2016-01-13 00:00:00
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