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What is a Proofer?

Have you ever made bread from scratch? One part that puts off many people from baking bread at home is the rising times. Many recipes call for the baker to “set dough to rise” one or more times during the preparation.

Letting the dough rise gives the yeast time to create pockets of air that change the texture of the dough before it is baked. The last rise before baking is called proofing. It’s the last test for the baker to know whether the bread is ready for baking. The dough is shaped into the correct loaf type and sits until it doubles roughly in size.

In commercial bakeries, there is a piece of equipment that helps create the right conditions for the best final raise. It’s called a proofer. It is a special chamber that holds unbaked loaves for their final rise and provides the right temperature and humidity for optimum rising. Each chamber can be adjusted as needed for each recipe. When the proofing is done, trays of bread go into a lower holding cabinet before baking.

A proofer lets bakers prepare lots of loaves all at once and keep them ready for baking. It’s an absolutely indispensable part of a modern bakery. We carry models by Moffat, Vulcan, Toastmaster, Carter Hoffmann, and Intermetro. Browse our listing for more information or give our sales offices a call to learn more about how to choose the proofer for your needs.

2015-04-01 00:00:00
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