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What is a Dough Sheeter?

Recently, we decided to go on a do it yourself kick and make our own dumplings.  They were good, but it made us think about the tools that are used in commercial kitchens to make dumplings and other pasta products happen on a larger scale.  It was decided that the biggest thing we were missing was a dough sheeter.

A dough sheeter is an appliance used in food preparation which flattens dough into sheets.  The general principle is that you put an oval sized ball into the top of the machine and a very uniformly rolled sheet will come out at the bottom.

Dough sheeters have uses in a number of restaurants.  They’re used for making tortillas, pizza crusts, pie crusts, and other applications.  Yes, they can even be used for the Chinese dumplings that so many of us love so much.  Higher end (and high volume) Italian restaurants use these to create their ravioli and sometimes their pasta.

This particular kitchen appliance saves thousands of hours spent in frustration with a rolling pin. Pasta made with a dough sheeter will also have a more uniform texture. Overall, adding one to a kitchen will save a lot of time.

When choosing a dough sheeter, the rule of thumb is that the larger the machine, the more it will cost and the more dough it can handle.  So, if you have something that takes up an entire countertop, it will probably be more than the little sheeter that’s meant to roll out tortillas.  We’ve got several of these on hand for you to make your selection.

Whether you’re rolling out mass quantities of tortillas or you’re working on your dumpling masterpiece, a dough sheeter is an asset to many commercial kitchens.

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