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Top Edlund Products

Top Edlund Products

Edlund is renowned for its wide selection of high-quality kitchen equipment, tailored for the needs of professional chefs and culinary establishments. Their line-up includes a range of robust and easy-to-use products, from manual and electric can openers that streamline kitchen processes, to precision slicing equipment for deli meat, cheese, and produce, ensuring perfect cuts every time. Moreover, Edlund offers solutions for knife storage, providing safety and organization through their knife rack systems. These products, characterized by their durability and efficiency, are essential tools in commercial kitchens, boosting productivity and maintaining food safety standards.

Types of Edlund Products

Edlund prides itself on offering a diverse range of products suited for commercial kitchen settings. This brand is particularly known for its various food preparation equipment, including produce cutters designed to quickly and evenly slice fruits and vegetables. Additionally, Edlund is recognized for its knife racks, which offer a convenient and safe storage solution. Their manual and electric can openers are a fixture in many kitchens due to their reliability and ease of use. Each of these product categories is carefully crafted to meet the demanding conditions of professional foodservice operations.

Edlund Produce Cutters

Edlund's produce cutters are specially designed for rapid and uniform slicing of vegetables and fruits, delivering consistently excellent results. Made from high-quality materials, these slicers incorporate features such as easily replaceable blades, sanitation-friendly designs, and sturdy construction to withstand heavy use. The Edlund Produce Cutters ensure precision cutting, increasing efficacy in food preparation and presentation.

Edlund Knife Racks

The knife storage solutions from Edlund help professional kitchens maintain blade sharpness while also promoting safety. The Edlund Knife Racks are built to last and provide convenient access to a variety of knife types, ensuring a well-organized and secure working environment.

Edlund Manual Can Openers

For ease and durability in can opening tasks, Edlund's manual can openers are a preferred choice in many commercial kitchens. These openers are designed for long-term use, with features that include rust-resistant construction and easy maintenance. The Edlund Manual Can Openers exemplify practicality and resourcefulness, catering to various can opening needs.

Edlund Electric Can Openers

Edlund's electric can openers offer a seamless cutting experience with minimal effort, ideal for high-volume kitchens. They feature versatile designs that can handle different can sizes and shapes, providing convenience and efficiency. To browse these time-saving devices, check out the Edlund Electric Can Openers.

Edlund Deli Meat and Cheese Slicers

For precision slicing of deli meats and cheeses, Edlund slicers are engineered to provide thin, consistent slices for perfect sandwiches and platters. These slicers are known for their durability and ease of cleaning, making them a staple for delis and restaurants. View the selection of Edlund Deli Meat and Cheese Slicers to enhance your kitchen's efficiency.

What are the top uses for Edlund Products?

Edlund products are predominantly used in the foodservice industry, catering to the needs of restaurants, cafeterias, and catering operations. They are highly regarded for their ability to enhance food preparation speed, ensure precise cuts, and maintain hygiene and safety in the kitchen. These tools are indispensable for chefs aiming to streamline their food preparation processes and to serve dishes with consistent quality.

What is the history of Edlund

Edlund has been a leading manufacturer of premium kitchen equipment since its establishment. With a commitment to innovation and quality assurance, Edlund has grown from a small company to an industry giant, recognized for its durable and efficient products that cater to the high demands of the culinary world.

Edlund Products for sale

Edlund's product line-up includes a variety of kitchen tools and equipment designed to support the high-intensity work environment of professional kitchens. Known for their quality, durability, and innovation, Edlund continues to be a valuable partner for chefs and foodservice professionals worldwide.

Edlund ETL-380 Tomato Laser

The Edlund ETL-380 Tomato Laser is a state-of-the-art manual slicer engineered to make perfect tomato slices. Its stainless steel construction ensures sanitation and durability, while its design allows it to be fully disassembled for easy cleaning.


  • All stainless steel construction
  • Easy disassembly for thorough cleansing
  • Staggered blade design for perfect slicing
  • Suction cup feet for stable operation


  • Specially designed for slicing tomatoes, not as versatile for other produce
Edlund ETL-380 Tomato Laser Stainless Steel Manual Slicer

Edlund FAQ

The Edlund FAQ is a great resource for customers seeking additional information on product care, usage, and features. It addresses common inquiries and provides helpful insights about the brand's offerings.

How do I maintain my Edlund can opener?

Regular cleaning and occasional blade replacement are essential for maintaining Edlund can openers in optimal condition.

Are Edlund slicers safe to use?

Safety is a priority for Edlund slicers, which come equipped with guards and other safety features.

Can I use Edlund knife racks for different types of knives?

Yes, Edlund knife racks are versatile and designed to accommodate a variety of knife sizes.

Is the Edlund Tomato Laser difficult to clean?

No, it is designed for easy disassembly and cleaning, fitting into a standard dishwashing rack.

What types of foods can I prepare with Edlund slicers?

Edlund slicers are ideal for cutting deli meats, cheeses, and certain produce like tomatoes.

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