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Top Customer Complaints For Restaurants

Today, we’re going to take a look at the complaints that are most often received in restaurants.  I think that everyone’s had at least one of these things happen to them.  Do you consider these to be dealbreakers for your returning to the restaurant in the future?

At 76%, the biggest complaint that people had about their restaurant was that there were dirty utensils or the table was dirty.

73% complained that there were dirty or ill-equipped restrooms.

72% complained about impolite or condescending servers.

67% had servers with a sloppy appearance or poor hygiene.

66% had meals or beverages served at the incorrect temperature.

62% didn’t receive what they ordered.

61% were feeling rushed to finish by the server.

59% complained about the server removing the plate or beverage before finishing.

54% had food that did not look or taste like what it was described like in the menu.

51% had a slow server.

50% claimed that their table wasn’t ready 15 minutes or more after their reservation time.

50% complained about the 18% gratuity (or higher) being automatically added to the bill.

48% had an inaccurate calculation of the check.

38% had a poorly situated table near the kitchen, near the air conditioning vents, or some other location that made the environment uncomfortable.

27% complained about servers not bringing water until asked.

With a little more attention, training in customer service, and the right restaurant supplies, these issues can become a thing of the past for your kitchen.

2014-11-28 00:00:00
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