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Toast your Bagels for Maximum Flavor

There’s nothing more enjoyable than heading down to the local bagel shop in the morning and having a toasted salt bagel with ham, swiss, and chive cream cheese.  The inventor of the bagel deserves many accolades, but the hidden hero in this equation is the conveyor toaster that gave the bagel just that little bit of crispness around the edges.

Look at a bagel shop or a breakfast dive, and you’re seeing an establishment which either already has a Nemco conveyor toaster or really wants to ditch the regular toaster in favor of one of these.  It speeds up the cooking time by allowing the chef to simply put in the bread rather than waiting for the last two pieces to be done.

With a wide enough intake, you can fit three pieces of bread into the toaster, and with speedy enough hands, you can run around 1000 pieces an hour through the oven.  So, if you’re catering a large breakfast event or if you’re working on an institutional level like a hospital or a school, this sweet toaster can be a blessing to have around.

  • Evenly toasted bread.  No worries about negotiating the burnt side and the ‘raw’ side of the piece of toast.
  • Intuitive crumb collection.  Nobody wants to fish through a machine to find the crumbs.  You don’t have to completely dismantle this one to clean it out.
  • Fast heating times.  The standby mode operates the top burner at a low level, so it’s always on, but you’re not wasting time and power to get it fired up for the second run.
  • You can choose which side you want to have toasted.  If you’re working with bagels or English muffins, you can choose to only toast that side.  Because it’s so selective, you save some cash on your toasting needs.
  • The belt is protected from binding and jamming.  This means smooth sailing, even for your 4am bagel toasting runs.

Choose the toaster that you want on the basis of the volume that you have, of course.  If you’re only toasting one or two pieces of bread an hour, this might not be the appliance for you.  If you run a bagel shop?  Priceless.

2015-05-13 00:00:00
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