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What is a Spoodle?

What is a spoodle?

There are two definitions for spoodle:

  • Spoodles are dogs.  Literally, a cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle.  They’re often known as cockapoos.   Cute dogs, and definitely cuter than the kitchen utensils that we’re talking about today.
  •  In the restaurant supply world, a spoodle is a cross between a spoon and a ladle.  They come in both perforated and unperforated versions.   What you see here is a perforated spoodle.

Spoodle PIcture  If you need to drain your vegetables and exercise portion control at the same time, spoodles are the tools to do it. They can help you measure out the same amount of food each time regardless of the kind of food that it is. If portion control is a must, such as in a cafeteria or buffet line, a spoodle is the way to go.

  • Perforated spoodles have small holes in the bottom so that liquids can easily drain through, leaving only the ‘good stuff.’  If you are serving pasta, green beans, or any other vegetable on a line, you won’t have to worry about a customer getting half beans and half juice all over their plate.
  • Solid (unperforated) spoodles are primarily used for sauces.  You can dip your spoodle into a large pot and pull out the right amount of sauce every time. Solid spoodles are commonly used when making pizzas since a slight miscalculation in sauce proportion can wreck a pizza.

At, we stock both 4 and 6 ounce perforated and unperforated spoodles. The size you need depends on the standards of your particular restaurant.  Unfortunately for dog lovers, our spoodles do not bark or keep your bed warm at night. They’re just an excellent tool for commercial kitchens to serve the right amount of food every time.

Special thanks go out to Peter on Flickr for the Creative Commons use of his picture.

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