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Securing a Restaurant Job

Looking for a job at your local restaurant? We’ll discuss some things you shouldn’t be doing during the job seeking process that will immediately dissuade owners from wanting to hire you. Here are some tips for securing that job!

Phone Calls

Do not call the restaurant asking for a “hiring manager” or if the restaurant is hiring without filling out an application. That simple question tells managers that you’re lazy and can’t fill out an easy application. Also restaurants don’t typically have a “hiring manager” and managers act as the “hiring manager” and may collaborate with other higher-ups to make the decision.

Visiting After Submitting Application

You should NOT visit the restaurant to “check in” on the status of your application if you haven’t heard back yet. The manager may not have even looked at your application yet, they might not be hiring, or they might not want to hire you. Don’t show up and make it awkward. If you haven’t heard back, send a friendly email inquiring about the role.


Similar to any other job interview, you should be well dressed if you get chosen to go in for an interview. Putting no effort into your appearance for an interview communicates to managers that you’ll put no effort into the job.


Again, being on time is imperative for any interview regardless of the position. You don’t want to show up late because managers will assume you won’t be able to show up on time for your shift.

If you want to work in the restaurant industry, submit an application the old-fashioned way and wait to hear back. You can send a few, friendly emails prodding about the position if you haven’t heard back, but don’t become a nuisance and overbearing. Abide by the same rules you would follow for other types of job interviews.

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