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Mongolian Barbecue

Mongolian barbecue is a special grilling technique used in certain restaurants. This may disappoint you, but the technique actually came from Taiwan and is more closer to hibachi than your backyard grill. Diners at a Mongolian barbecue restaurant take raw ingredients from a cold bar up to the chef. The chef places the items on a large, round, flat iron hotplate. Using a wooden staff, the chef stirs the food up and keeps it separate from other diner's food. These special gas grills allow for cooking several customer's dishes at the same time. Once the food is finished cooking, the chef scoops the food into a bowl and gives it to the customer.

The heart of any Mongolian barbecue restaurant is that grill, and we carry several models from Town Food Equipment. They are quite expensive, but essential for this type of operation. There are two things that differentiate the models. First, the size of the grill. The smallest offered is 36”, then goes up by 12” increments all the way up to 84” in diameter. That is a huge grill! The second difference is whether or not the stove has a scrap chute built in. This is a metal trap that wraps around the edge of the grill to catch anything that might spill to the floor when scooping the finished product into a bowl. These keep the floor nice and clean, and could also prevent a slip and fall accident.

If you are considering opening a Mongolian barbecue restaurant, talk with our sales representatives about our Town Food Equipment grills. Oh, and if you're looking for the closest thing to true Mongolian barbecue, try putting “khorkhog” into Google.

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