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In-Stock Refrigeration - How Everest Refrigeration Fights Supply Chain Shortages

In-Stock Refrigeration - How Everest Refrigeration Fights Supply Chain Shortages

Everest Refrigeration is revolutionizing how refrigeration is shipped with its cutting-edge automated manufacturing procedures and localization of raw materials. This allows Everest to reduce their staff costs and decrease issues with the supply chain while still keeping their production line going even with labor shortages increasing. Everest works with high-priority ocean shipping companies and authorized ground carriers outside ports that are more at risk for supply chain issues to ensure the fast and efficient delivery of their refrigeration units. According to McKinsey & Company, refrigerated transport is expected to grow by 6% annually until 2025, and the Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows that the number of total shipments in the U.S. has increased by more than 60% since 2002. With its efficient shipping methods, Everest Refrigeration is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this growing market.

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Quick Ship Refrigerators

According to McKinsey & Company, the demand for refrigerated food is expected to increase by 20 percent over the next ten years. To meet this demand, Everest Refrigeration has improved its logistics and operations to ensure timely deliveries of products establishing a streamlined system to forecast demand accurately and ensure timely delivery. Using technology and supplier localization to streamline the process of building and shipping refrigerators, Everest Refrigeration is helping companies reduce costs and increase efficiency while ensuring they always have the necessary products on time. According to Statista, the value of the global refrigeration market is expected to reach $106.7 billion by 2024, showing the importance of having reliable refrigeration solutions.

Fridge With A Fast Lead Time

Everest Refrigeration has revolutionized its supply chain management by integrating its suppliers into its operations. This allows them to communicate efficiently with their suppliers and ensure that their products arrive on time. According to McKinsey, this integration allows companies to track supplier performance and address issues quickly, resulting in better customer service. Furthermore, the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported that the demand for refrigeration equipment had grown significantly in recent years, and Everest Refrigeration has been able to meet this demand with its efficient supply chain. The company has increased its shipments by over 30% in the last year, showing its effective supply chain improvements. Everest Refrigeration's integrated supply chain is a great example of how companies can use technology to improve their operations and better serve their customers.

How Long Does It Take For A Fridge To Be Delivered?

Regarding the delivery of a fridge, the timeline can vary depending on the availability of the appliance and the supply chain—generally, 1 to 2 weeks for a fridge to be delivered from the time of purchase. However, with the current global supply chain shortages, this timeline can be extended to 12 months, especially if the fridge is from a niche brand or manufacturer. To tackle these issues and ensure faster delivery, Everest Refrigeration uses forecasting technology, automated production lines, localization of raw materials and placing factories outside of areas that are more at risk for shipping delay issues to help increase delivery times and avoid unnecessary delays. The average time for delivery with Everest Refrigeration is 3-5 days.

Why Is Everest Refrigeration A Top Selling Refrigeration Brand

Why Is Everest Refrigeration A Top Selling Refrigeration Brand?

Everest Refrigeration is one of the top-selling refrigeration brands in the world. According to Statista, Everest has a global market share of 6.3%, making it the fifth-largest brand in the refrigeration market. But what makes Everest so successful? For starters, Everest is committed to offering top-notch refrigeration products that are reliable, durable, and energy efficient. Everest's refrigerators and freezers are designed to give users maximum performance and low energy consumption. The brand's commitment to energy savings makes it an attractive choice for businesses, restaurants, and other establishments looking to cut energy costs.

At the heart of Everest Refrigeration's technology is its advanced monitoring system. This system allows businesses to easily track and monitor the temperature of their refrigeration units, ensuring that products and ingredients are stored at the correct temperatures. It also allows businesses to easily adjust their refrigeration unit settings and make changes when necessary.

Everest Refrigeration also offers a range of smart technology options. These include cloud-connected sensors, real-time analytics, and mobile and web applications that help businesses monitor, manage, and optimize their refrigeration units. This technology makes it easy for businesses to stay on top of their refrigeration needs, allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and trends.

How To Avoid Expensive Refrigeration Repairs?

To avoid having to wait for refrigeration parts, buying new refrigerators and leaving your commercial business crippled and without proper refrigeration, look for refrigerators with integrated technology that decreases the need for repairs, like the Everest Refrigeration Blizzard R290 cooling cartridge. The entire refrigeration system is housed in one removable case that eliminates the need for onsite brazing. This means shorter service downtime and a longer product lifespan. It has an auto-diagnostic system and an auto-reverse condenser fan motor that cools down the compressor and helps keep the condenser coil clean reducing the need for finicky maintenance.

What does a typical Refrigeration Warranty Look Like?

When it comes to restaurant refrigeration, having a reliable warranty is essential. A typical refrigeration warranty covers all of the components in the refrigeration unit, such as the compressor, condenser, evaporator, and other parts. The coverage typically lasts one to three years, depending on the product. Everest Refrigeration offers one of the best warranties in the business. When it comes to keeping food and drinks cool and fresh, you can trust the quality of their products. With a typical warranty lasting up to 10 years and a coverage plan including parts, labor and on-site service, Everest stands out from the rest of the competition. According to industry surveys, Everest Refrigeration's warranty is rated higher than other major brands by a margin of three times. This warranty is designed to give customers peace of mind that their investment is secure and that they can rely on Everest Refrigeration to take care of any problems that may arise. With such a comprehensive warranty, Everest Refrigeration customers can be sure that their refrigerators will last for years.

Where To Buy A Refrigerator

Where To Buy A Refrigerator

When shopping for a new refrigerator, there are many factors to consider. It can be overwhelming to decide which refrigerator is right for you, from energy efficiency rating to capacity and sound levels. According to McKinsey, refrigerator sales have steadily increased over the past decade, with sales growing by an average of 8.4% annually. Everest Refrigeration provides customers with energy-efficient options that will save on energy costs built with advanced technology, providing superior cooling and energy savings compared to the competition. The Statista website reports that Everest Refrigeration refrigerators are among the top-rated for energy efficiency, with a rating of A+++.

The company has over 270 models, significantly more than its competitors. The extensive selection of models allows customers to find the perfect fridge. Whether a large commercial model for a restaurant or a smaller countertop model for a home kitchen, all of their models come with a 3-year labor and parts warranty, 5-year electrical components warranty and 10-year compressor warranty - easily the longest warranty in the industry. This assures customers that their purchase is protected and that they can trust in the quality of the product.

When Is The Best Time To Buy A Refrigerator?

If you're in the market for a commercial refrigerator, the best time to purchase one is between September and January. According to Statista, commercial refrigerator sales in the U.S. peak in the fall months. Furthermore, McKinsey reports that appliances tend to be most affordable during the fall and winter months when manufacturers are offering some of their best deals.

If you are looking for new technology in refrigeration, the best time to buy would be early spring to summer when new models are released.

Why Is There An Appliance Shortage?

The appliance shortage is driven by various factors, including increased consumer demand, supply chain disruptions, and a shortage of materials needed to manufacture the products. Companies like Everest Refrigeration which use localization to shorten the supply line and technology to improve the quality and speed of the building process, are rated among the top because of lessening the risk of delays and delivering the appliance to the customers in a timely manner.

Overall, the appliance shortage is a reality that is impacting households across the globe. Knowing the supply chain disruption and planning when buying refrigeration appliances is important. Everest Refrigeration is one of the leading suppliers of refrigeration appliances because of its shorter lead times and technologies lessening the replacement and repairs of the Everest Refrigeration products. Be sure to research and be patient when purchasing your next refrigerator or freezer.

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