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How Spring Cleaning Applies to Restaurants

Amazingly, we’re already in the month of February. While January felt like the longest month ever, Spring is just around the corner - sortof. The time of year after Christmas and between Valentine’s Day can feel like a real drag. The weather hasn’t warmed up yet, and there are no holidays to celebrate. This time of year is a great time to start looking forward, because while Spring may not be here yet, Spring cleaning can be.

As a restaurant owner, keeping your restaurant clean is necessary not only for sanitation codes, but for the customer’s happiness as well. The beginning of the year is a great time to review cleaning procedures, become more efficient as a staff, and maybe to even invest in a new piece of cleaning equipment. Some areas that you can review to make sure that your restaurant is up to par for the new year are the bathrooms, the tables, and the entryway area.

In your restaurant’s bathroom, first look at the tile. Is it old and needing to be replaced? Most customers judge the cleanliness of a restaurant based on the cleanliness of the bathroom. If it’s in your restaurant’s budget, consider sprucing up the bathroom and making sure that it looks spic and span at all times. When reviewing the tables, consider the set up. Is there enough space between the tables? Could they be laid out in a more efficient manner? Are the tablecloths too old? If you make a few small changes, your customers will surely notice and be appreciative - especially if they have frequented your restaurant for years.

Change can be difficult, especially if your establishment has been around for a while. However, sprucing up a few small things here and there can really tie the restaurant together and give it a fresh face. Consider adding new decorations to the entryway, or removing some if it looks too crowded. If it’s not in your restaurant’s budget to purchase new items, take some items away or move some around to give your restaurant a different look. No matter your budget, a little effort goes a long way and is something that your customers surely deserve.

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