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Grandiose Grand Openings!

You’ve got everything in place and you’re ready to open your doors to customers…but how do you get that crowd to come to the opening of your restaurant? Grand openings are more than just a fun party, but part of an important marketing plan. You want to get the details nailed down beforehand and execute those details to stand out. Here are some ideas for your own grand opening:

Soft Opening

To work out all the potential hiccups before engaging with a huge crowd, hold a soft opening for family and friends. This soft opening allows you to get honest feedback from the people closest to you and to fix anything that might go wrong.

Offer Perks

As we’ve discussed in earlier blog posts, people LOVE free things! Pick some of your favorite appetizers on the menu and offer them to guests. You should also have some free merchandise (sunglasses, t-shirts, etc.) made with your name and logo to serve as a reminder of your restaurant whenever people see this merchandise. Walking marketers!

Invite Influencers

Social media influencers will work in your favor! Whether they’re local, regional, or if you’re lucky enough national, influencers will get your name out to tons of people who you might not have reached otherwise. You can also reach out to local politicians and local groups and clubs that are aligned with the type of food you’re offering. Word of mouth still exists and never hurt anybody!


For your grand opening, partner with a charity in some way. This will draw people who not only are affiliated with the charity, but those in the community who are impressed by your support. This partnership will reap benefits for both parties, and it helps bring attention to a great cause of your choosing.

After all the hard work you've put into building a restaurant, grand openings can come as an added stressor, but they don’t have to be if you use some of these tips!

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