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Explore Top Steelite International Dinnerware and Tableware

Explore Top Steelite International Dinnerware and Tableware

Distinguished chefs, restaurateurs, and caterers can elevate their dining experiences by featuring Steelite International dinnerware on their tables. With high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing designs, Steelite's commercial crockery enhances the presentation of gourmet dishes and creates a memorable impression on patrons. With a wide range of products like steelite plates, bowls, and flatware, Steelite's offerings cater to various types of hospitality establishments, from high-end restaurants to busy catering events. The steelite performance collection, available at, is a highly praised choice among industry professionals.

Steelite International Top Features

  • Innovative and visually appealing designs
  • Durability and resistance to chipping or staining
  • Variety of product lines for multiple dining settings
  • High-quality materials, such as steelite porcelain and glassware
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing processes
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Who is Steelite International?

Steelite International is a leading provider of innovative and durable professional tableware and hospitality products. With its roots in the UK, the company has been producing high-quality commercial crockery for international markets since the 1980s. Steelite's portfolio includes dinnerware, glassware, cutlery, and table-top accessories. The company focuses on providing hospitality and food service establishments with designs that not only appeal to customers but also withstand the rigors of daily use. Steelite International is appreciated by industry professionals for its commitment to sustainability and its ability to meet various price points while maintaining high standards of quality.

  • Steelite plates
  • Steelite bowls
  • Steelite glassware
  • Steelite cutlery

Why Steelite International is the Top Choice for Professional Tableware

Steelite International's offerings provide significant value in balancing design, quality, and affordability. Its products are made to meet the highest standards of durability, ensuring that they resist chipping and staining through frequent use. Additionally, various designs under steelite craft dinnerware and other collections cater to different styles of dining experiences, from formal events to casual buffets. Steelite melamine and porcelain options allow for versatility in presenting dishes, while the steelite varick line offers refined elegance in glassware. Catering companies and high-end restaurants benefit the most from the wide range of Steelite product offerings available.

Steelite International Product Pricing

Steelite International offers a variety of products at different price points, making it suitable for establishments with different budgets. Factors that influence pricing include the materials used, such as steelite porcelain or melamine, and the intricacy of the design. Some collections, like the steelite Monaco range, retail at a higher price point due to their luxurious appeal. By adding or removing features, Steelite allows for customization of products while keeping pricing within a reasonable range.

  • Steelite porcelain dinnerware - a more affordable option
  • Steelite melamine - a slightly higher price point
  • Steelite Monaco - a luxurious and pricier choice

Top Steelite International Financing Options

Customers who purchase Steelite International catering equipment from can take advantage of various financing options. These options enable establishments to procure high-quality tableware without an upfront investment. Financing allows for easy budget management and low-interest rates for qualifying customers. Customers can benefit from financing on bulk purchase orders, which leads to significant savings and helps scale their business sustainably. Steelite's durable products also contribute to the long-term value of such investments.

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