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Do you use a Dipper Well?

People who work in places where certain utensils are used over and over again have to figure out how to keep them clean while working. Ice cream shops cannot have customers wait to manually clean scoops every time an order is changed. Tampers for cappuccino machines have to be cleaned every time too. It’s important not just for cleanliness but also to prevent cross-contamination of flavors and ingredients that could cause allergies.

That’s why they use dipper wells. A dipper well is a deep little basin with a spigot. Water constantly flows into the sink and drains out. This creates a flow of water that washes off components fast. By placing the item that needs washing into the well it will clean itself for the next use. This saves workers a lot of time and energy running things back to the sink again and again and again.

You also see them a lot in buffets that serve ice cream. Since so many people are handling the scoop and switching between flavors, cross-contamination would be inevitable without a way to wash the scoop. A dipper well comes in very handy in this case.

They do have one major downside. They use a lot of water, as much as 30-60 gallons an hour! Environmentally conscious businesses should remove the utensils and shut off the spigot at the close of business.

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2015-06-03 00:00:00
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