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Cleaning and Maintaining a Commercial Steamer

Steaming is a popular way to heat food, as it doesn’t add additional calories to the mix.  Restaurants are jumping onto the steam bandwagon, enthralled at the opportunity to offer healthy choices to their patrons. If you have a commercial steamer, here’s how to take care of it.

Stay Away From Crazy Chemicals

Anything that you put in the steamer has the chance of getting into the food and hurting your patrons.  A simple bath of soapy water will clean the steamer just as well as harsh chemicals.

Look at the Seals

Tiny little cracks can develop in the seals of the steamer, and with that comes the opportunity to ruin the steamer itself.  If left unattended, the steamer can turn from a blessing to an energy-bleeding nightmare.

Make Sure It’s Clean

Regular interior cleaning can make the commercial steamer a better piece of equipment to use in the kitchen.  Rub a cloth over the inside, making sure to get any debris that may have been left over.

Remove the Lime

If there’s water, there’s the chance of lime.  Lime happens with the residue from the water as well as through some filtration processes.  There are special cleaners for that, something that you’ll need to check for in your operations manual.

Look for anything out of place

Nothing should be left to chance when it comes to the life of your steamer.  Make sure that everything’s in place, that all of the seals and filters are clean, that the water’s up to your standards.  Impurities and imperfections in the steamer can be passed along to your food.

Having a steamer in the shop is considered a necessity for some restaurants.  For those who are doing large quantities of food, it’s the only solution.  Keep that commercial steamer going with proper maintenance.

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