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Choosing a Refrigerated Deli Case

People underestimate the value of the display case when it comes to selling refrigerated goods.  The right refrigerated display case can make all the difference in the world in how much your business makes. After all, how are your customers going to make that decision between getting the sliced pastrami and the bologna if they can’t see it?

Where do you start when searching for your deli case?

Self Service or Full Service?

The first place to start when searching for the perfect display case is in the format of your store.  Do you want your employees to be the ones handing the goods over, or would you rather have the customers take their own out of the case?

For instance, the True TSID-36-4 37-Inch Wide 4-Glass Slide Door Single Duty Refrigerated Deli Display Case pictured here would be excellent for those who have small side items that they want to sell to their patrons.  It’s great for those impulsive buys, with maybe a little something for the road stocked inside.

As a note, one of the simple features that you want for any of the self-serve display cases is to have self-closing doors.  Your employees might not be able to keep an eye on these all the time, and you probably don’t want the nice cool air to escape.

If you’re wanting to display the items, yet have your employees be the ones to serve them to the customers, you might choose something like a True TDBD-72-2 72-Inch Wide 2-Glass Slide Door Double Duty Refrigerated Deli Display Case.   This case is perfect for the pies, deli meats and cheeses, as well as other items that you’d like to put on display for your customers.  You might also have some other wares that you can put inside along with a little flake ice.

Single Duty or Double Duty?

You might have noticed in the descriptions of the deli cases that there are single duty and double duty cases.  Single Duty cases are cases which are just the display area, where Double Duty cases are ones which have the extra storage space underneath the original case.

Hot or Cold?

The third thing that you want to consider is whether you’re going to be serving hot items or cold items from the area.  You need to have two separate cases, depending on whether you’re going for the hot lamps or the refrigerator. While you can have hot and cold deli cases side by side, you shouldn’t have hot and cold items side by side.

Choosing the right deli case is all about the customer.  You want to make sure that you’ve presented your wares in the best manner possible.

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