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Cambro Storage and Transport Products

Cambro Storage and Transport Products

Cambro is renowned for its extensive range of high-quality foodservice products designed to aid in the efficient and safe transportation, storage, and serving of food and beverages. Their line includes a variety of insulated carriers, beverage containers, food pans, serving trays, and soup carriers, each engineered to meet the demanding needs of the foodservice industry. Cambro is especially recognized for its durable and reliable products, which provide excellent insulation and temperature retention features, ensuring that food and drinks maintain their desired temperatures for extended periods. Whether it's for catering operations, restaurants, food trucks, or institutional settings like schools and hospitals, Cambro delivers essential items for food preparation, storage, and service that stand up to the rigors of commercial use. From lightweight and portable insulated carriers to sturdy and ergonomic trays, each Cambro product is designed with the professionalism and efficiency of the end-user in mind.

Types of Cambro Products

Cambro is known for supplying a diverse selection of products tailored to satisfy various demands within the foodservice industry. Among their renowned types of products are Cambro GoBags, GoBoxes, and Food Pan CamCarriers, which offer superior insulation and durability for transporting food during catering events or deliveries. Cambro Beverage Carriers ensure that beverages are stored and served at optimal temperatures. The company also produces Standard Heat Food Pans made from high-quality materials that can withstand extreme temperatures, suitable for both hot and cold food storage. Cambro Camtray Fiberglass Trays are recognized for their long-lasting service life and ability to handle heavy loads with ease, and Cambro Soup Carriers are a must-have for transporting large batches of soups or stews while preserving their heat and flavor.

Cambro GoBags, GoBoxes and Food Pan CamCarriers

Cambro offers an impressive variety of carrier solutions designed to transport and preserve food temperature and quality. The Cambro GoBags, GoBoxes, and Food Pan CamCarriers epitomize the brand's dedication to excellence and functionality in the foodservice industry. These products, from lightweight and stackable GoBoxes made of eco-friendly materials to durable and insulated Food Pan CamCarriers, cater to the varying needs of food transportation. Easy to clean and maintain, the carriers elevate the efficiency and presentation of catered food, helping to ensure customer satisfaction. Discover more about these essential Cambro carriers and their full capabilities. Cambro GoBags, GoBoxes, and Food Pan CamCarriers

Cambro Beverage Carriers

Keeping drinks at the right temperature is vital for any event, and Cambro's Beverage Carriers are engineered for this task. Their insulated design ensures that whether you're serving hot coffee or iced tea, the beverages remain at the desired temperature for hours. Stackable and equipped with ergonomic features, these carriers provide convenience and ease of use for catering professionals and foodservice operations. Explore the full range of Cambro's Beverage Carriers and learn about the different sizes and models available. Cambro Beverage Carriers

Cambro Standard Heat Food Pans

Durability and versatility are key when it comes to food storage in the culinary industry, and Cambro's Standard Heat Food Pans meet those needs perfectly. Made to handle a range of temperatures and designed for use across diverse food preparation and storage applications, these food pans are a staple in many professional kitchens. Their construction allows for visibility of contents, ease of stacking, and hassle-free cleaning. Delve into the features of Cambro Standard Heat Food Pans and understand how they can aid in maintaining the quality and freshness of food items during service or storage. Cambro Standard Heat Food Pans

Cambro Camtray Fiberglass Trays

Designed to withstand the daily wear and tear of the foodservice industry, Cambro Camtray Fiberglass Trays are the solution for reliable and efficient service, be it in a cafeteria, restaurant, or during room service. These trays boast a lightweight yet durable construction, are easy to clean, and support efficient stacking for storage. Their reinforced edges increase durability, and their array of colors and sizes offer versatility to match any establishment's aesthetic. Learn more about the distinctive aspects of Cambro Camtray Fiberglass Trays and how they can enhance the serving experience. Cambro Camtray Fiberglass Trays

Cambro Soup Carriers

For foodservice professionals who frequently transport hot soups or sauces, Cambro Soup Carriers provide a dependable solution. These carriers are insulated to maintain the temperature and quality of hot liquids for extended periods. They are constructed with durable materials, include handy features like molded-in handles, and are designed to be portable and easy to transport. Get the full details on Cambro Soup Carriers and how they can add value to your catering or food delivery services. Cambro Soup Carriers

What are the top uses for Cambro Products?

Cambro products are integral for a wide range of uses within the foodservice sector. These uses range from storing prepped ingredients in kitchens, transporting hot or cold food to events, maintaining beverage temperatures during service, to serving meals on durable trays. Caterers, restaurateurs, food truck owners, and institutional foodservice providers are among the most common users who benefit from Cambro's reliability and food safety features. The versatility and temperature retention capabilities of their products make them ideal for applications where quality and presentation cannot be compromised.

What is the history of Cambro

Cambro was founded in 1951 by two brothers, William and Argyle Campbell, in Huntington Beach, California. The company's name, Cambro, is derived from a contraction of their last name, Campbell, and brother. Initially focusing on hospital meal tray delivery carts, Cambro has since expanded into a global leader in the foodservice industry. Their introduction of the Camtray in 1951, and later the creation of insulated food and beverage carriers revolutionized the way food is transported, leading to improved food safety and quality during service. Over the decades, Cambro has maintained its commitment to innovation and quality, continuously developing new solutions to meet the evolving needs of foodservice professionals worldwide.

Cambro Products for sale

Cambro specializes in providing a broad assortment of products designed for foodservice operations that emphasize maintaining food safety, improving operational efficiency, and enhancing customer satisfaction. Recognized for their durability and practical designs, Cambro is a trusted supplier of various items, including insulated food and beverage carriers, food storage containers, trays, and more. Their products are known for robust construction, ease of use, and the value they add to commercial kitchens, catering businesses, and other food-related enterprises.

Cambro FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about Cambro products, addressing the common queries of both seasoned foodservice professionals and those new to the industry.

How do you properly clean and maintain Cambro products?

Most Cambro products are dishwasher safe and can be easily cleaned with mild detergents. For specific care instructions, always refer to the product's user manual.

What is the temperature holding capability of insulated Cambro carriers?

Cambro insulated carriers are designed to maintain food temperatures for 4 or more hours, but the exact duration can vary based on the product model and external conditions.

Are Cambro products recyclable?

Many Cambro products, especially those made from polypropylene like the GoBoxes, are recyclable. Always check the recycling guidelines in your area and the specific product details.

Do Cambro food storage containers come with lids?

Lids for Cambro food storage containers may be included or available separately, depending on the product line and model.

Is it safe to store acidic foods in Cambro food pans and containers?

Yes, Cambro's food pans and containers are designed to store a variety of foods, including acidic foods, without affecting the material or the taste of the food.

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