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Basics of Choosing the Perfect Restaurant Location

Location, location, location!  How many times have you heard this?  There’s a reason. Location can make or break a restaurant.  After developing your restaurant concept, one of the next steps is to decide where you are going to build your masterpiece.  Here are some basic suggestions for choosing a restaurant location.

Choose a place that can be seen

I’ve seen many restaurateurs dream about having the little place off the beaten path, but it’s incredibly hard to get business unless you have an exceptional marketing plan or prior reputation. If you’re new to the restaurant business, do yourself a favor and find a place that will allow people to see signage from the road.

Is there enough room?

There’s a big difference between a tiny storefront and a buffet hall.  When you walk around the space, make sure that there is enough room to put all of the restaurant equipment that you plan to get, both in the front and in the back.

How’s the parking?

New restaurant owners often overlook the parking situation for their potential new digs.  Do your patrons have to pay for parking? Are there enough spaces for both staff and patrons to fill the restaurant?

Who is going to come in?

Who is your target demographic?  Do they live around the area that you’re planning on putting your restaurant?  If you start an upscale restaurant in a beaten down strip mall, your potential diners might not visit.

Are there restaurants like yours in the area?

If there are other restaurants serving your type of cuisine, opening up in a different location might be necessary.  While it’s quite possible to beat out the competition, it’s usually best to go for the lower hanging fruit.

>Is it difficult to access?


Do your diners have to do a U-turn to get to your restaurant?  Are there any odd things about the traffic patterns which would prevent your patrons from getting inside? If you’re difficult to reach, you’ll get fewer customers. That’s a dealbreaker.


Finally, look at the costs for rent and utilities. Will you be able to afford the location long enough for you to start breaking even? Keep an eye on what monthly payment that you might be signing up for.

Finding the perfect restaurant space is not as rare as you think.  So many people have found the place where they settle for years. Take as long as you need to find the perfect spot for your future restaurant.

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