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Alto-Shaam - Unmatched Food Service Equipment and Solutions


Alto-Shaam offers a wide range of high-quality food service equipment, designed to provide optimal efficiency and performance in commercial kitchens. This outstanding brand is an excellent choice for restaurant owners, caterers, and other professionals who value reliable and versatile appliances that can handle various cooking methods. Alto-Shaam's vast and innovative product line includes combitherm ovens, halo heat technology, holding cabinets, cook and hold ovens, smokers, and more, to address specific commercial foodservice requirements. With its user-friendly designs, innovative features, and exceptional performance, Alto-Shaam is the go-to choice for professionals looking for top-notch food service equipment.

Alto-Shaam Top Features

  • Combitherm Oven: Combines steam and convection cooking for versatile, efficient, and consistent results
  • Halo Heat Technology: Unique slow cooking and holding method that ensures product quality and reduces food shrinkage
  • Holding Cabinets: Designed to keep food at the perfect temperature, ensuring optimal serving quality
  • Cook and Hold Ovens: Cooks food at low temperatures while holding it at the perfect serving temperature
  • Smokers: Adds delicious smoked flavor to food, enhancing any menu
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Who is Alto-Shaam?

Alto-Shaam is a leading global provider of innovative food service equipment solutions. With a reputation for exceptional quality and professionalism, Alto-Shaam is committed to supporting the evolving needs of today's culinary professionals. The brand offers a wide range of products, including combitherm ovens, halo heat technology, holding cabinets, cook and hold ovens, smokers, and more, that enable customers to maximize their efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Alto-Shaam's target customers include restaurants, hotels, caterers, and other food service establishments that require top-notch equipment to ensure the best food quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Combitherm Ovens
  • Halo Heat Technology
  • Holding Cabinets
  • Cook and Hold Ovens
  • Smokers

Why is Alto-Shaam a Top Choice?

Alto-Shaam is a reliable and respected brand in the food service industry, offering an exceptional range of products that cater to various cooking methods and requirements. The innovative features, outstanding performance, and durability of Alto-Shaam products make them a top choice for professionals seeking the best equipment for their kitchens. Benefits of using Alto-Shaam equipment include space-saving designs, improved food quality, cost savings, increased efficiency, and reduced food waste. Alto-Shaam is an ideal choice for restaurant owners, caterers, and other food service professionals who value reliability, ease-of-use, and the highest level of performance in their equipment.

Alto-Shaam Product Pricing

Alto-Shaam offers a wide range of products at various price points, ensuring that there is a solution for every budget and requirement. Factors influencing the pricing of Alto-Shaam equipment include size, features, capacity, and functionalities. Invest...

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