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All you need to know about commercial dishwashers!


A dishwasher isn't as exciting a purchase as, say, a cool wine rack or art for your walls... or glassware, but having one will save you all the valuable time during a busy lunch or dinner rush. But what do you do when shopping for one? We offer many makes and models to fit your business needs - and below are some tips on choosing the best possible type:

High temp vs low temp. High temperature washers sanitize your dishes by, well, you guessed it, using high temperatures. Low temperature models use sanitizer to wash your dished. They are more energy efficient than their high temperature counterparts, but dishes don't dry as efficiently, so if you have a hot, humid dishwashing station, it may cause you problems later on down the road.

When choosing your size, use this handy graph to figure out the total volume you'll need, based on the number of meals you'll make daily, and the number of dishes your chefs will use to create each meal for your guest, plus the amount of table turns you expect during each service:

Meals/hrDishwasher TypeMax Racks/Hr
Up to 100 Undercounter 15–14
Up to 300 Door-Type 35–75
400–900 44" Conveyor 200–235
The dishwasher is going to run up your electricity and (potentially) your water bills. Save on expenses by turning your machine off at night, replace broken parts, and most importantly, shop for the best! Our energy efficient machines will get you the best possible performance at the lowest recurring cost. Make sure you buy the best for this very important purchase, which will be used in your kitchen every day.

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